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Billiards cafe business model

The trend of business combining relaxation and entertainment services is growing and being replicated. Billiards cafe business model is a cross-service business model with huge profits. What should the billiards cafe business need to pay attention to? Is this type of business profitable? Join Sapo to find out right in the article below.

1. The novelty of the billiards cafe business model

The traditional cafe or billiards business is no longer a strange entertainment model. The combination of these two models makes customers excited. Customers can not only wait for their turn to play but also enjoy delicious cups of coffee. Many people interested in this sport can also come here to see the players perform, and even learn skills from them. Those who go with the players will have space to sit and wait, not getting bored.

The billiards cafe business model brings a more stable source of revenue for investors. In addition to the main source of income from the billiards tables, there is also revenue from the business of drinks and coffee. This model also attracts many different customers from billiards customers, coffee drinkers and customers who both play billiards and drink coffee.

The billiards cafe business model brings novelty
Customers can both play billiards and enjoy coffee when visiting the billiards cafe business model

2. Some notes when doing billiards cafe business

2.1 Selecting the main type of business

Building a clear direction not only helps the owner find the right strategy but also saves budget. Investors should clearly determine that the shop will receive the main source of profit from billiards or coffee to have the right combination plan.

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2.2 Reasonable space design

Although the billiards cafe business model is a type of combined entertainment, when designing the space, the investor still has to separate the space to avoid noise and serve more types of customers.

In addition, the travel space between these two spaces also needs to be reasonably designed to impress customers and not create difficulties for employees when moving.

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2.3 Area division

If the investor determines the business with the main purpose of making a profit from the cafe, the pool table area only needs a small number of serving tables and the main space is still for the cafe.

On the contrary, if determining the main source of revenue from the billiards bar, the tables must be arranged more, fully supported equipment. Coffee is sold as a support tool to increase revenue and will use more available drinks to serve faster.

Usually, the current billiards cafe will divide the cafe area near the entrance, near the bar. After that, customers go deep inside or go upstairs to have a billiards area.

Currently, many investors prefer the open space design. The cafe area is close to the billiards area or even placed in the center of the interior of the cafe.

Area division
Division of billiards and coffee shops

2.4 Pay attention to the quality of customer service

Even if it is a combination business, the shops also need to pay attention to the quality of customer service. Employees are divided reasonably in accordance with the size and professional ability.

Billiards instructors need to understand the rules of the game and how to play. Baristas understand well about coffee types and recipes. Attentive service staff, warm attitude to customers.

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2.5 Marketing for billiards cafe

The billiards cafe business model is a “fatty” business model, but the level of competition is also extremely high. Therefore, customers know more, your billiard cafe brand needs to be widely marketed and promoted in many different forms. You can apply some promotions to attract customers to the shop.

Marketing for the shop
Use many marketing policies to attract customers

2.6 Operation and management of billiards cafe model

Managing a single type of business is extremely difficult, to operate and manage two entertainment models combined at the same time is not easy. Investors are constantly finding solutions for their business to be effective.

With the development of the 4.0 technology revolution, using management software has brought many businesses a positive transformation in business.

The peculiarity of the billiards business model is hourly billing. This causes many difficulties for cashiers when checking manually, using excel. Not only is it a waste of time and effort, manual calculations can also cause confusion, loss of revenue, and no basis for clear reconciliation.

Using Sapo FnB billiards bar management software solves this worry of business owners. Sapo FnB supports the shop owner to set flexible prices at will, calculate the time to go out, time to enter; Set promotional prices for each time frame. Calculate cash quickly and accurately with cash register software. Sapo FnB supports both restaurant owners in optimizing the process of serving, processing, and cashiering. The owner is no longer worried when he can manage employees in detail and monitor business activities on the software even when he is not at the shop.

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3. What documents do you need to prepare to open a billiards cafe?

To go into business, billiards cafe business models need to prepare a number of documents as follows:

  • Certificate of eligibility to operate Billiards
  • Summary of business activities, including: facilities, equipment, instructors, qualified staff,…
  • Certificate of food hygiene and safety
  • Certificate of fire safety.

In particular, when running a billiards business, you must prepare facilities to ensure compliance with the requirements: “The table area must have a roof, the distance from the outer edge of the table to the wall is at least 1.5m. The distance between the tables is 1.2m. The design of the lamp device ensures that the distance from the lamp to the table top is at least 1m”.

What documents do you need to prepare to open a billiards cafe?
Ensure compliance with the minimum facilities when running a billiards cafe business


The billiards cafe business model requires a lot of skills and experience that requires investors to have careful calculations as well as reasonable division. Hopefully with the above information, Sapo has helped you better visualize this type of business, thereby making judgments and building the right strategy. Wish you successful business! – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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