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Big profit online rice trading business plan and experience

In the article 18 ways to make money in business in 2020, I mentioned the idea rice business online. So you’ve got Experience in online retail rice trading is profitable? How to make a detailed plan to sell rice online profitably. Let’s find out the details of the plan and experience of the online rice wholesale business in this article.

First of all, let’s talk about the rice business story, is it rich? Regarding the issue of profit, you can review in the article Is it profitable to sell retail rice online before making a business decision for yourself.


A retail rice shop

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1. Share your experience and plan to sell retail rice online

First, if your initial clean rice business is small, you should simplify your plan. Focus on the sales task so that it is effective, then take into account the expenses, cut out unnecessary expenses such as renting space, hiring staff …

Choose to buy a type of rice that you think is the best, the cheapest about 500 kg and then bring it up for sale and see how customers react.

You must try within 3 months to gain experience, then you will only be interested in “input” and “output”. Designing a website to sell rice online will save an expensive space rental cost.

1.1. Market research

Sourcing of goods: If we trade in clean rice online, we must carefully consider finding a good quality product that is delicious, safe, and reasonably priced. The supplier is not too far away to ensure shipping. Fastest, most convenient.

Initially, it was planned to sell the following items: Rice eight Hai Hau, Eight Ninh Binh, Eight Thai Binh, Khang Dan, sticky rice, sorghum and some other agricultural products such as black beans, soybeans, green beans, sesame, peanuts , chicken eggs, wine, chicken, rice flour, tapioca flour, … attached.

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Online rice business experience It is common to track the number of goods sold to know what kind of rice customers like the most and which agricultural products to import more.

Rice and agricultural products will increase so that customers have more choices.

Time to buy: When the price of rice is cheap, you will immediately buy it.

Transportation: At first, it will be transported by passenger car, when the business is stable, we will rent a small truck, if it is more developed, then buy a private car.

1.2. Set up a sales website

Profitable online rice trading must have a website, with full utilities for product promotion and sales, and full of information for customers to refer to.

1.3. Advertisement

Distributing leaflets in areas such as markets, commercial centers near where they live- Success;

Visit your home or call relatives and friends to introduce and sell products;

Take advantage of social networking sites, classifieds channels to promote their rice products.

2. Rent a shop and plan to sell rice online

Experience of selling rice online For many people, when opening a rice shop, we will need to pay the following fees:

2.1. Estimated cost

Cost of renting premises, electricity and water

Ask for the lowest possible cost. The maximum estimate is about 5 million VND / 1 month * 6 months = 30 million VND.

The cost of electricity and water for 1 month is not more than 300,000 VND.

Cost of business goods: Estimated 20 million VND

Spending on main business items- Rice;

Spending on side business items: some other agricultural products such as beans, peas, peanuts, eggs, country wine, tapioca, etc.

Cost of buying tools for selling, decorating the shop and making cards: Estimated VND 3 million

– Expenses for purchasing tools of sale:

+ Weighing rice;

+ Pots or containers of rice to display samples at the store;

+ Bags and bags of rice for guests;

+ Rice shelf to avoid mold;

– Expenses to buy shop decoration tools and shop cards:

+ Signboards;

+ Banner advertising when opening;

+ Expenses for designing and printing shop cards.

Paying for staff

It is expected to hire a salesperson who is always on duty at the store with an amount of 1.5-2 million VND a month including accommodation.

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2.2. Plan to sell rice online

For retail customers

For customers near the Success area: Offer customer care services such as free home delivery, don’t forget to give the card to the customer and save the customer’s information so that the rice can be delivered to the customer’s place. they call, conduct regular promotions, hang banners with catchy slogans, vibrant colors to attract customers, etc.

For customers who are far away: Take advantage of online sales channels thoroughly, or ask relatives, friends or customers to introduce them, etc. Shipping fee will be charged, but there will be support if you buy a lot, or promise next time. purchase will be free.

For wholesale customers:

Must take advantage of all tactics to advertise, introduce quality products and best suit their needs. The rice wholesale customers you should aim for such as:

– Restaurant Hotel;

– Rice noodle shop;

– Supermarket;

– Food production establishments that need rice;

– Other small agents;

– Canteens of universities, companies, …

open a home rice shop
6 ways to effectively manage an online rice store for shop owners Product control, revenue and expenditure, accurate profit and loss, no need to keep records


3. Estimating and developing an online rice business

3.1. Profit and loss forecast

The total cost of the first month alone: ​​5 million (rental space) + 300k (electricity and water) + 2 million (employee) + 3 million (all kinds of sales tools).

The next months: 5 million + 300k + 2 million.

Cost of goods: 20 million.

Estimated first 3 months the amount of capital we spend is 10,300k+ (7,300+ 20 million)* 2= 64,900k.

It is estimated that the first 6 months of our capital will be: 10,300k+(7,300k+20 million)* 5=146,800k.

Estimate the average number of sales per day.

Estimate how much profit 1 kg of rice, 1 kg of agricultural products must be + revenues from trading other items.

3.2. Long-term development plan

Invest more in website design, increase online sales;

Developing the store into a brand specializing in supplying the most prestigious rice and agricultural products in Hanoi, and not forgetting to register the trademark;

Open more branches in districts that do not have many rice supply stores;

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People with experience in online rice trading: CEOs and directors will have a lot of experience and tactics for you to refer to and learn from.

Friends and relatives: Friends and relatives will contribute ideas that are lacking so that we can complete a more standard business plan. Support us in calculating, making detailed accounting books for rice and agricultural products.

  • Expected to sell one day

At least 1 day must sell 200 kg.

Expected profit must reach at least 1k / 1kg. For more advanced rice or agricultural products, it must reach a minimum of 3k / 1 kg.

The store must be an independent store so that it can be sold with other items such as breakfast, sim, cards, iced tea, etc., which brings us a lot of revenue, especially in the first months when the revenue is not stable. determined.

  • Execution time

The first day of June 1st of the month started renting the shop. From May 1st, choose a beautiful day to open.

10 days before the opening, we will distribute leaflets, call or visit friends and relatives to introduce the product.

One month before the opening, the website must be completed, hired Seo to bring the website to the top of google search, post attractive product ads and promotions when opening.

Along with advertising on the website is advertising on social networking sites, classifieds.

Starting from April or earlier, you have to be sure about areas like Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Thai Binh to research and find quality suppliers.

In May, the sales tools, signs and cards must be prepared for the store.

Search and offer wholesale customers such as restaurants, hotels, agents, …

3.3. Types of rice sold online and dry goods you should import

  • Hai Hau eight rice
  • Ninh Binh eight rice
  • Eight Thai Binh rice
  • Dien Bien rice
  • Good Rice
  • Brown rice
  • Sticky rice
  • Children’s rice flour for cake shop, vermicelli …
  • Sesame
  • Lost
  • Chicken eggs
  • Kim Son Wine4

Hope with the plan and experience in online retail rice trading I share on this will help you find the most effective direction.

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