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Basic mistakes when doing network marketing (part 1)

Online business is a process that includes many stages, small processes, each factor determines the success of the whole system. If any factor is missing, for example, the business cannot create a good image and is weak in promoting its product image, it will be difficult to bring the expected revenue. Therefore, no matter how good an employee is, he cannot shoulder the entire work for the whole system, which is also the reason why businesses make many mistakes that seriously affect the business. . This article would like to summarize the common mistakes often encountered when online business from famous companies and websites with experience in providing online business solutions.


1. Don’t understand, so expect too much in network marketing

It is a fact that many businesses are doing very well offline, with the desire to expand market share plus the influence of new trends, so they encroach on network marketing. However, with the growth momentum, there are resellers who are over-expecting the revenue in the new model, even though there is no thorough investment in both effort and time, leading to the online business not growing in sales like that. expected. Beginners do not seem to know that network marketing needs a lot of support tools to be successful, all marketing activities in general and online marketing in particular are only for the purpose of finding customers. leads and get your message across to the right leads. Customers will not buy if they do not have a need or your message is not attractive enough. If you don’t understand these basics well, you’ve already failed in your thinking.

2. Use cheap or free web or hosting

You are often offered by vendors to use cheap or completely free products. Such products often come with bad quality: customers will have difficulty accessing your website because it is located on an overloaded server, or your website will be the place to place the banner. advertise a supplier’s products and services. If you have been using this service, this is completely a mistake. Choose another supplier now for your successful online sales strategy. Don’t save money on a tool that helps you show off your entire business, impress and interact directly with customers like a website.

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3. Do not invest in the website

Do not keep thinking that the website will increase revenue without investing too much time in taking care of it. Website is just a tool to help you convey the fastest and cheapest costs of the products and services you provide to customers. If you invest in building a professional website, you also need to have paid or free forms of promotion to tens of millions of people on the Internet, an advantage of owning a website is that you can refresh the content and image. photos every day. However, if you do not invest properly, it will be offensive to customers. A sales website that wants to gain trust with customers needs to regularly update and refresh content and images, customers will never buy goods at a website if they see the annual promotion banners. present on the website.

If your website looks cluttered and customers find it difficult to find products in it, then the risk of customers leaving your store to find another store is completely understandable. Your website is the business card that helps you reach customers; Therefore, its appearance must be professional. A website with an eye-catching and professional appearance will strengthen the trust of customers and show customers that you are serious about your work, professional and capable of attracting customers. Invest time and money into making your website look its best, if possible.


4. Not updating website news

Once you own a website and you neglect it, it becomes a useless tool and if the website has not been updated within the past 6 months, you will definitely be pushed out of the customer’s memory. A little change in interface, full update of product information, business changes can also be noticed by customers, which will be a reminder to remind customers that you are always important. care about them and do not let them down. You should also conduct market research while assessing the market situation. Find out if your competitors offer something different from you, and if they keep the price below yours. Owning a website doesn’t mean it’s done. Network marketing website requires the same persistence as traditional sales. If you are satisfied with yourself, there will be no shortage of competitors waiting to take customers right in front of your nose.

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5. Network marketing but do not invest in advertising

Many network marketers expect customers to find them by accident. But with millions of websites vying for a finite number of customers, there’s less and less chance of your site being accidentally visited by customers. Without advertising, your ability to attract new customers will become very slim. There is no denying the fact that online advertising costs always account for a large proportion of sales costs, but look at the revenue that advertising brings to you, it is important that you always control the effectiveness. of advertising and its effect on revenue. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi or Vinamilk always have to spend a large part of their revenue on advertising even though they already have a very strong brand coverage, so they are always in the top famous companies in the world. So for small businesses, you should not waste money on advertising as long as you always learn to maximize the effectiveness of advertising and gradually build your brand.

However, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still advertise your store effectively. Directed e-newsletters and advertisements through keywords (keywords) are very cost-effective methods through which potential customers interested in your products will easily get to know you

Improper advertising strategy is also a big problem in business. The phenomenon of “spam” in Internet Marketing- Basic mistakes when selling online. You don’t care if other people want to receive your mail or not, you still send emails to promote your products every day, gradually creating a bad image in the hearts of customers. Your most important asset, as an Internet marketer, is your reputation. And “spam” is the fastest way to ruin your reputation.

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6. Do not connect the website to search engines

concepts of online advertising, with message on keyboard.

It is estimated that about 70% of online transactions originate from a reputable search site. If your site doesn’t show up in the first few pages of search results, you can say goodbye to 70 percent of those sales. Please ensure that the information content on the website reflects the characteristics of the product you offer and has many suitable keywords. You can use Blog, work hard to write articles, post articles, optimize related keywords to be able to connect and appear on search engines.

7. Poor quality of customer service

If you don’t keep your existing customers happy, then you can forget about attracting new customers. Customers who use your products and services are sure that, if the product quality is good, most customers tend to recommend it to their relatives and if it is not good, they will also share it with others. other. In particular, news spreads very quickly through the Internet community, and just one unhappy customer can cause a domino effect that puts all your efforts in danger of “smoke up.” Therefore, if you do not have a secret to building trust and keeping in touch with customers, this is a very serious mistake in selling online.

business 1

Make a list of regular contact with customers, update the latest information about products as well as your website. What’s more, it’s important that you never have to worry about them forgetting you because your name always appears in their inbox. A dedicated software for sending newsletters will save you time and money.

8. Making transactions is not easy

This is the most unfortunate mistake when selling online. In order to place an order on the web, customers usually have to fill out a complete registration form before making a purchase. However, the order confirmation process is not always quick and professional. If the order confirmation process is long or there is an error from the system, the customer easily abandons the transaction. Should provide a phone number for customers to order directly in case they do not want to buy online. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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