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Apply 7 steps to start an online sales business with great success

Starting an online sales business is probably no longer a strange concept to you, right? Because everywhere you go, you see people talking Online selling. In fact, start-up experience The success or failure of others is always a valuable lesson for those who are about to enter the online business path.

Maybe Start an online business with 0 dong capital or not? The answer is: Why not? In the era of technology 4.0, nothing is impossible! Do you agree with this too? Then let’s find out with Blog Sapo how to start selling online be successful!

1. Why is starting an online sales business the number 1 choice?

Among hundreds of startup ideas, selling online is the favorite choice of many people. You can easily come across stories of sharing experiences of starting up online sales on Shopee, Sendo, Lazada, Tiki, … or selling online on Facebook. The reason is because selling online has outstanding advantages compared to choosing another startup field.

Firstly, you can start an online business with 0 dong capital. It sounds absurd, but it’s the truth. Because an online business helps you not to have to pay the cost of renting a sales space. This is a rather large expense if you open a store in the direction of a traditional business, but not everyone has a large amount of capital available to start a business. For small startups with limited financial resources, if you cannot start with renting a store, an online business is the most reasonable choice.

Second, the current biggest demand of consumers is convenience shopping. The type of online sales on e-commerce platforms Shopee, Sendo, Lazada, Tiki, … and on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo meets this requirement. Therefore, starting a business with online sales has become an explosive trend in recent years.

Start selling online

Start a business by selling online using Shopee channel

If you start a business by opening a store, you will face some limitations such as customers will have to come to see and buy goods. The number of visitors to the store is limited to a small geographical area. With online sales will not be limited, your customers can be located all over the country, from the top of the country to the tip of Ca Mau.

Starting a business with online sales helps you save a lot of costs, so the price of goods does not increase, helping customers buy more products, higher profits. Selling online now integrates many payment and shipping facilities. Your customers get the best shopping experience.

The online sales model of many people today is to go to wholesale markets to sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics, Chinese goods, etc. to sell on online shops and earn profits. Therefore, it can be affirmed that starting an online sales business is becoming a trend and will always be HOT in the near future.

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2. 7 steps for a successful online sales startup

As mentioned above, even if you have little capital, as long as you have the right way to start an online sales business, you will be successful. The start-up experience of many people is that you need to have thorough preparation, analysis and meet all the conditions to get started.

Step 1: Learn and analyze the market

The marketplace is a battlefield, selling online is always a fiercely competitive business. If you want to sell online, you must be an expert, knowledgeable about the market.

What are you going to choose to sell online? Where can I find online sales? How competitive is it when selling those items online? Find out and answer all these questions! Start-up experience shows that you must prepare the best knowledge base to succeed.

Start selling online

The experience of starting a business to help you succeed is a thorough market analysis

Let’s say you plan to sell online with the item being fashion clothing. You must know the source of cheap goods, rich and diverse designs such as Ninh Hiep clothing market or Guangzhou fashion oder. Next, you need to analyze how, in the field, the product you intend to sell online, how competitive is it? Is your online shop competitive with factory-made fashion shops, original price or not?

In addition to selling online, you also have to analyze the market supply and demand of the item you are about to sell. The demand for online shopping with fashion clothing items is still very large because of attractive features such as customers watching live sales, clear product images, diverse designs, …

The demand is still great, but does your supplier meet the criteria for quality, design, and price? Before selling online, you need to carefully analyze all these factors!

Step 2: Determine the source of goods sold online

If you can find a source of cheap quality goods online, you will be successful up to 50% when Start selling online. Do you know why? Selling online needs top prestige, “goods as pictures” quality. If your goods are imported with quality, the supplier gives you a reasonable price, then you have a profitable business opportunity.

Start-up experience shows that quality, affordable goods will make it easy for you to succeed. Sometimes the same item is delivered by multiple suppliers at different prices. Choose the delivery partner with the best price for you. This is how selling online makes you profitable.

start an online business

Start a business by selling shoes online

Step 3: Start-up experience: Find an online sales channel

To For online sales, you should know live stream sales on Facebook, Seeding groups, building sales Fanpage; Register for Shopee, Sendo, Lazada,…; Selling on Zalo. These sales channels help you market and promote products and services to customers more conveniently and effectively. These sales channels are the best way to sell online today.

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Start selling online

Start a business by selling clothes online on Facebook

Step 4: Prepare capital: Start an online business with 0 VND capital?

Many people want to start an online business with zero capital. Do you want to start a business but have limited business capital? You do not know what to sell online when you have a small capital. If you are having difficulty in capital, you can start with oder sales or work as an online sales agent or collaborator.

However, the commission from orders is usually not very high, you still spend a lot of time checking inbox and comments of customers. If you don’t really need a high profit, you can try this, but if you want to sell online for a long time, you should spend capital to import available goods to sell. Please consider when importing goods with the amount of capital you have to import quality items, avoid inventory!

Start selling online

You need to calculate a reasonable amount of capital when Start selling online

Step 5: Build an online sales website

When selling online, you definitely have to build a sales website. Website is a tool for you to post and introduce all the products you sell to customers. Website is not only like a store for you to display goods, but also very convenient for customers to make online purchases and payments.

Owning a professionally designed and beautifully designed online sales website helps you reach more online shoppers, increase the efficiency of advertising activities, build brand reputation, and take better care of customers.

start an online business

Start-up experience shows that you should have an online sales website

Step 6: Use sales management software

The start-up experience of sellers shows that selling online on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Instagram, … and popular e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo will reach a large number of customers. huge buyers.

To sell on these channels, you should own a Online sales management software with features such as automatically creating Livestream orders on Fanpage; fast closing Facebook orders; Place orders, call fast shipping, comprehensive seller support, improve sales efficiency. Online sales management software being used by thousands of customers is Sapo POS.

Own a free Sapo POS experience package!

Free Trial

Step 7: Start selling online

So, you already know the steps to start selling online, right? After finding out the market of the product you intend to sell, choosing a source of quality goods at a suitable price, please enter enough goods with the quantity expected to sell.

You need to avoid inventory that not only causes capital accumulation, but the goods can also be damaged due to long-term humidity,… When you Starting an online business with 0 dong capital, you need to pay more attention to how to sell effectively, increase revenue to make a profit and take that as the revolving capital.

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The way to start a successful sales business is to take advantage of the social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Instagram, … and popular e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, … to post sales on it. If you don’t know how to sell effectively, learn Start-up experience of previous sellers!

3. Typical success stories

There have been many successful online sales startups, profitable businesses and a solid sales foundation. So what’s their secret and how did they do it? Let’s consult together start-up experience of some typical portraits.

That’s the story the success of 9X girl Le Thuy Duong – owner of a chain of fashion stores for young people Inhere. Le Thuy Duong graduated from Hanoi Community College and works with regular salary and good benefits. However, Duong wanted to try his hand and decided to start an online sales business.

Duong said that the fashion segment for young people she chooses is almost saturated with thousands of large and small online shops, not to mention well-known brands with a large number of loyal customers. However, she still encourages herself to try because there are many people who have a harder time starting an online business with 0 dong capital, they are still successful, so Duong tries to do it.

In the early days of business, Duong faced a series of difficulties in inventory control, the amount of goods imported and exported had to be done by traditional methods such as bookkeeping, leading to inaccurate calculations causing shortages of goods. Turnover, revenue is always at breakeven or loss.

After that, Duong switched to using sales management software with many support utilities. Duong participates in sales on e-commerce platforms such as Sendo, Shopee, Lazada, … and has received many orders, increasing revenue. Stable business operation and always guaranteed profit. That is How to start a successful business of 9X Thuy Duong.

Another case of starting a business with more than expected results is the story of Nguyen Thuy Linh Cat (HUTECH University). Started doing business as a student, with little capital, at first Linh Cat chose to sell men’s shirts online.

Although she did not have to start an online business with a capital of 0 dong, but Linh Cat only had 20 million dong accumulated from part-time work, the small lady went to buy fabric, find a sewing factory to process shirts, and then upload samples. network for sale. Diverse models, reasonable prices are the way to start a successful business of Linh Cat. You should also try to refer to this startup experience!


So above, Sapo Blog has shared with you the preparation steps to start an online sales business, successful startup experiences and answered the question of starting an online business with 0 dong capital. Please refer to how the characters start their businesses in the article too! Wish you start sales with the best results.

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