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9 skills you need to succeed in business

Success in business in addition to external factors such as market fluctuations, customer needs, products, etc., internal factors within each entrepreneur themselves are also very important. Because no matter what, people are always an important factor in all activities. Therefore, to be successful in business, each person must train themselves some important skills below.

1. Ability to concentrate

Many people often think that to be successful in business you have to be really a superman, able to handle many things at once and do every job well and complete it on time. But the reality is not so, successful entrepreneurs share that they only focus on their main job and try their best to do it best. Remember that you are only human, your strength is limited, your ability is also limited, don’t be greedy and embrace too many things, accomplish too many goals so that nothing is really good. . Focus on your goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

2. Know how to plan

Successful people do not do superfluous things, do not do it indiscriminately, they always put everything into the planned process and follow each set step. In business you can’t think of doing it right away, you need a specific plan with clear goals and how to do it. That plan must be compiled after meticulous analysis of the market, customers, competitors and the potential of the business to be most accurate.

But don’t assume that planning means you’re forced to conform, work too hard and be rigid. In business, nothing is constant, to be successful you must anticipate risks, unexpected fluctuations and have a backup plan. A business plan is perfect only if it always has a perfect way back for you.

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3. Know how to delegate authority

As mentioned above, to be successful in business does not mean that you have to hold everything on your side, you just need to do well the responsibilities are enough, the other work is divided among subordinates and managers. they equal the results. That said, you must have good decentralization skills, remember, decentralization, not extrusion. To do so, you must understand the nature of the work, know the implementation process and key factors to pay attention to, and at the same time you must know how capable your employees are, what qualities to deliver correctly. right person.

Building your organization into a system with different levels will make it easier for you to manage, everything will also go into a unified rotation, so it will coordinate more smoothly, so the work can be completed well. than. Decentralization is a skill that requires high analytical ability and accuracy, so don’t work on emotions!

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4. Always have a spirit of learning

No one is born a good person, success in business must go through failure to be sustainable, not only learn from your own experience, you need to learn more from those who went before. Study, learn more, study forever, this saying is true for anyone, at any time. To succeed, you must continuously accumulate knowledge, fully equip yourself to walk more firmly.

Don’t fall asleep in victory! Follow this advice, the achievements are worthy of you, you have the right to be proud but not complacent. That success is the motivation for you to strive to learn and try harder on the way to your final destination.

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5. Able to lead

No one succeeds in business but only by their own strength, you need to have support and help each of your friends, relatives and especially your diligent employees. As the head of the organization, you must have leadership ability, know how to lead people in the right direction, know how to adjust them to have the most smooth coordination. In the previous section of the article 9 skills needed to succeed in business we mentioned the skill of decentralization, which is also a skill of leadership. But there are many other skills that you need to learn if you want to become a great leader.

6. Respect others and yourself

To be successful in any field, you must first respect yourself. It may sound hard to believe, but there are people who are self-harming without even knowing it. It is working hard, not giving yourself time to rest, trying to achieve the goal without knowing whether your health and conditions allow it. Respect yourself, know what is enough, know limits to keep everything within standards. But do not equate it with the definition of selfishness or laziness, you respect yourself not that you are pampering yourself.

Next is respect for others, especially those who are working with you. Many people who become bosses are contemptuous of employees, often ridiculed and lowered their eyes. It is an extremely wrong attitude that leads to failure for them, because the employees are the people with them in the same boat, without the staff rowing to see if they can move forward alone. Please respect others based on their ability and attitude to life!

7. Analysis and evaluation

“Just go and you will come, just do it and it will be done”, never believe this saying, because it shows a lethargic and unserious working attitude, do resistance, call for yes. Business, the more you have to stay away from such thoughts, if you want to do anything, you need to have a clear plan, specific strategy and especially know how to analyze and evaluate the results. From those analyzes and assessments, you will know what you have done, what is lacking and how to improve for the next time. Never skip this last step if you want to succeed in business.

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8. The ability to inspire

As a leader, being the leader of an organization, it’s not enough just to do well by yourself, it’s not just for you to make an effort. You need people to agree, need the fire of enthusiasm in them to burn as hot as in you. Then you must know how to inspire. Don’t use a bland lecture or live quotes to motivate employees, show them the numbers, show them how far the team can be and the results will be achieved by trying your best. You’re not painting them a soap bubble future, you’re showing them how to succeed, which is staying passionate.

9. Always be grateful

Today’s achievement is not yours alone, remember that, it’s shared equally with everyone based on their contribution. So feel grateful to the people who are always with you, always with you when it is the most difficult, with you to solve problems. Gratitude comes from appreciating others, letting you know they have this success.

Although 9 skills are not many, it is very difficult to really achieve, but if you want to be successful in business, you must practice and try to the end. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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