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7 Ways to burn a black prize to sell to business owners

Burning ass to make sales more convenient must have been no longer a strange thing for business people according to the folk concept. In this article, will share with you about the how to burn black solution to neutralize the stagnation and do the best business.

1. Why burn the black solution?

According to folklore, burning the astral will be for unfavorable shops and bad luck during the day. They believe that this happens because they meet shoppers with evil spirits and in order to neutralize them, they need a way to burn their black sales to dispel some of the bad luck. In fact, burning the black astral is not right or wrong, but it is up to each person to decide whether to burn the black for sale or not.

2. Ways to burn the black wallet for sales

2.1 How to burn a black wallet to sell goods with salt

It can be said that salt is one of the items that are not only used as a spice but also an effective way to burn black sales according to folklore. Accordingly, homeowners can take a little salt to sprinkle around the store.

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how to burn a black wallet for sales
How to burn a black body with salt

Next, sprinkle salt in the yard area and in front of the house to remove evil spirits. In case you encounter a person with a bad spirit on the street, take a handful of salt and throw it over your left shoulder.

2.2 How to burn a black wallet with paper

Using burning paper to solve black is one of the ways most shops are applying. That way, the business owner can take a piece of paper and then light it with a lighter. This will be done right in front of the store and when it is done, throw it on the ground.

It is possible to combine reading with the same sentence: “Burning the astral burns the luck, the good one stays, the bad one goes”. For women, after burning the paper, you should jump over it 9 times, for men, jump over it 7 times.

2.3 Burning incense

Except for burning incense on the 1st and full moon days, incense burning can also be used in cases where business people want to burn their sales. According to the concept, burning incense will help ward off evil spirits.

how to burn a black wallet for sales
Burning incense is one of the ways to burn the black soul

Therefore, people can use the astral burning method of burning incense to pray for the bad luck to dissipate. The number of incense burning on the altar must be odd and must not be even.

2.4 Worshiping the God of Wealth

Worshiping the God of Fortune at the store is also considered a relatively popular way to attract fortune because in fact, also worshiping the God of Fortune often brings a lot of luck and fortune. January 10 every year is chosen as the day of the God of Wealth with the desire to bring convenience and smoothness in work. Therefore, homeowners often sincerely worship the God of Wealth on New Year’s Day, the Full Moon Day, and the day of the God of Fortune to solve bad luck and attract more luck and fortune.

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2.5 Black prize with feng shui items

In business, feng shui items play a significant role in attracting fortune and helping business owners to trade more expensively. Choose feng shui items suitable for the owner’s destiny to neutralize bad luck and sell more smoothly.

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2.6 Burning incense

Agarwood has long been known as a home fumigation, disinfection and removal of evil spirits extremely effectively. Agarwood smoke when burning will help spread throughout the store, banish bad luck and bring fortune and luck to business activities, so that business always thrives.

how to burn a black wallet for sales
Burn the black soul with incense

2.7 Clean up, rearrange the store

An unscientific and cluttered layout and arrangement of goods is also one of the factors that prevents good energy and fortunes. Always make sure your store is always clean and tidy, and arrange the store’s goods so that it feels airy, helps customers easily shop, and effectively attracts wealth.

In addition to the ways to burn black money as above, business owners should also re-evaluate the overall sales activities of the store to attract more customers. No need to be too big, start from the smallest things like improving the customer experience.

This is considered as one of the important factors for customers to actively return to your store without having to perform black-out burning methods.

Above are 7 ways to burn the black wallet for sellers that Sapo wants to share with you. We hope that the above sharing can help you solve your bad luck and welcome fortune in the best way.

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