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7 unique street food businesses make millions every day easily

Selling unique dishes on the sidewalk making millions every day is true. Baked goods, snacks, milk tea trolley, sticky rice, iced tea, etc. really attractive to customers. Let’s learn how to trade these dishes with Sapo!

Selling sidewalks and sidewalks is a typical culture of Vietnam, but in business, it is only considered a small type, suitable for people with little capital who want to earn a little extra income every day, very difficult to open. wide and developed.

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But now it’s different, a lot of people make a fortune just from selling street goods like that, even their income is much higher than that of mainstream businessmen. If you are not sure what to sell on the sidewalk with a small amount of capital, you can refer to some sidewalk business ideas below!.

1. Street business with milk tea

If you are interested in what to sell on the sidewalk, you must have heard of bubble tea with super profit (6 million VND/night); There are many customers but the investment cost to “start a business” is not too expensive. You only need a cart selling sidewalk goods, dozens of plastic chairs and no business registration at all; That’s enough for you to start a sidewalk milk tea business.

Street business with milk tea
Selling sidewalks with milk tea

But how to trade sidewalks with popular milk tea?

It’s not a sidewalk business that doesn’t need a strategy! Still have to have your own tactics to make your brand stand out. When selling milk tea on the sidewalk, think of a really unique – strange – impressive name; A delicious milk tea recipe with its own unique flavor that only your shop has; A new type of milk tea, especially attractive and delicious, invented by you…

You are smart and personable, you have a thousand and one ways to create a personal brand mark for your sidewalk business that makes making millions every day easy!

2. Street iced tea business

When it comes to sidewalk iced tea in Vietnam, no one will be too strange, if not like a feature of the country of wet rice. From small streets, to densely populated places, churches, near universities. You can find these restaurants everywhere.

And one thing people don’t know, this is an extremely profitable sidewalk business idea. However, doing business on this public land has to spend a small amount of land purchase cost. Many people even joked that “selling villas for iced tea business”. Let’s learn about this billion-dollar sidewalk business idea.

What should be sold on the sidewalk?  - only iced tea!
Iced tea – a popular sidewalk business opportunity

2.1. Why does the sidewalk iced tea business bring in such a huge income?

The habit of Vietnamese people is the sidewalk stalls, which are both cool and economical and it has become a feature. Especially in big cities around universities, there are no shortage of pubs like this. From iced tea, ceiling, bean milk, sugarcane juice, just a few chairs, you can earn 10 million VND a month easily. The customers of this sidewalk business idea are very diverse.

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From low-income people such as students and workers, to luxury cars, the elderly to families with young children. Especially, this sidewalk business idea becomes an indispensable place when the daily temperature reaches a peak of 40 degrees Celsius.

Manh, the owner of a sugarcane juice and iced tea shop near Hoang Cau Lake (Dong Da), on Mai Anh Tuan Street, said: “The average number of visitors on hot days often doubles or triples on normal days.

Because the water shop has the advantage of being near the lake, there are trees, so it calms the atmosphere. Not only visitors, but people living nearby also come out to enjoy the wind and drink cool water.

Sugarcane juice costs about 10,000 VND, on sunny days, at least a few hundred cups are sold every day. In addition to sugarcane juice, I also sell iced tea, tap water… except for all daily expenses, I also take home nearly a million silver

This sidewalk sales idea not only brings an impressive source of income from foreign goods, but it is also an intermediary location for motels for rent. It is easy to see the image of motel rental at many sidewalk iced tea shops.

This sidewalk business idea will bring from 100,000 to 300,000 VND for a room rented from someone under the recommendation of the owner. Especially during the university entrance exam and the beginning of the year when new students enter the school. Sometimes the super profit of this sidewalk trade is in millions of dollars per day.

Even a real estate broker with an intermediate interest is worth the price of a beautiful motorbike. Ms. Cuc, a small street trader, also said that the income from selling iced tea is only about ten million per month, but from real estate brokers it is ten times higher.

She shared, brokers usually have fixed prices. If you bring guests in and the sale is successful, the owner will pay a commission depending on the value of the property. For example, if the house is under 700 million, she will get 20-30 million, but the larger the value of the house, the commission will of course be higher.

Making money with sidewalk iced tea business

2.2. High income level of “cheap” sidewalk business

Many people may be mistaken about the low income level of each shack iced tea shop. Going from something as simple as 10 million a month to a hundred million is quite easy. Opened a sidewalk shop selling iced tea on Hoang Quoc Viet Street (Cau Giay, Hanoi) for 4 years.

Ms. Tam said that thanks to being located next to the university, there are a lot of students passing by, so she can earn from 10-15 million dong a month – not a small amount compared to her hard manual labor work before. .

Ms. Cuc (a small merchant selling iced tea and a land broker): “I sit here and sell iced tea, thanks to this shop, I earn on average less than a hundred million per month. If you are lucky enough to lead many guests that month, you will earn a few hundred dollars in that month, but there are also months when you don’t have any guests.” Perhaps the income level of this super profitable sidewalk business idea will make many people dizzy.

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3. Street vendors selling baked goods

Regardless of the weather of spring – summer – autumn – winter, the Hanoi sidewalk barbecue business is always crowded with customers coming in and out. However, the number of guests going to eat barbecue in the cold season is still much more crowded.

The sidewalk business with baked goods makes millions every day, but the implementation of this sidewalk business is much more complicated than the sidewalk milk tea and iced tea business.

Street vendors selling baked goods
Attracting customers by selling sidewalks with baked goods

In general, the sidewalk barbecue business is a bit complicated at first, but after stabilizing the relationships with the wards and communes, facilities and finding a good source of goods, you will receive a relatively “warm” income. “. Should invite 2-3 more friends to contribute capital to the sidewalk business, the operational efficiency and income of the shop will be higher.

4. Snack shop – sidewalk sales ideas

Nowhere is street food “prosperous” like the sidewalks of big cities in Vietnam. Almost anywhere, you can see a glimpse of the sidewalk restaurant business: when it’s a sidewalk barbecue; When it’s a sidewalk snack bar, sometimes it’s simply selling sticky rice on the sidewalk…

With the eating habits and preferences of Vietnamese people, sidewalk business with snack bars can also be considered a “hot trend” for the young community who want to enter the sidewalk business.

You can choose to sell a lot of different snacks for sale on the sidewalk: assorted breads, dumplings, sticky rice, tofu, grilled meat on skewers, winter baked corn…

All of these items are usually very easy to find materials, the demand is very large (especially for students), so the profit margin is also classified as super terrible, also one of the business items. sidewalks make millions every day.

Open a sidewalk snack bar – Less capital, more profit, why not try?

5. Sticky rice – an opportunity to trade on the sidewalk

Everyone in Hanoi feels all too familiar with the image of hot sticky rice/sticky rice bowls on the sidewalk in the early morning or late at night. The experience of selling sticky rice on the sidewalk becomes a main occupation for those who are “skillful” and have a bit of cooking skills.

5 long-standing sidewalk sticky rice shops in Hanoi but always crowded with buyers » Vietnam Women Newspaper

The investment to sell sidewalk sticky rice is so simple and easy! You just need to prepare well the cooking stages at home; Even if you are not skillful with your hands and still want to start a sidewalk business with this dish, you can ask your mother / aunt / uncle to cook well.

Then, if you have a basket or a more stable seat, bring a kitchen + a bowl of sticky rice to sit on some sidewalk – you should choose places with a lot of people (but remember to pay attention to the ward order).

To sell the sidewalk to make an impression on the diners, you can choose for yourself how to make a little difference in the combination of sticky rice, aromas… or simply create a highlight by choosing banana leaves/ seaweed leaves to wrap (instead of wrapping in plastic/newspaper as is common). A little difference will make your income much better!.

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6. Open a sidewalk bread shop

If it is said that the food for sidewalk business is present throughout the provinces of Vietnam and is eaten by Vietnamese people every day, it is certainly impossible not to mention bread. Bread is a popular dish, simple to prepare but can be made into many different styles depending on the filling inside the cake.

If you want to start a sidewalk bread business, you only need to invest in a compact trolley, a mini gas stove, one or two frying pans, chopsticks, spoons, containers, and in addition, money to buy daily cooking ingredients. such as eggs, pate, herbs, pickles, etc. So initially you only need to invest from 10 to 15 million.

Bread cart business: Starting a business with 1 capital and 4 profits is real!  - Kim Nguyen stainless steel

The special feature of this sidewalk business idea is that it is very easy to expand the menu, just change a little sandwich to have a new type of cake. The most popular are egg bread, pate, fried rice, buttermilk, sausages, sausages, roasted chicken, etc. Recently, there has also been a trend of crispy salted chili toast, hot and greasy with onion fat. , spicy stimulates shrimp satay.

Each cake has an average price of 10,000 VND to 20,000 VND depending on the type of filling inside. The time to sell the most is early morning and late evening, you should open a stall near schools, residential areas or near companies and offices.

If you work hard and know the location, you can sell up to 400 pieces a day like Ms. Xuan in Ha Dong, Hanoi, each profit is from 2,000 VND to 3,000 VND, the average monthly income is about 30 million.

7. Street vendors with corn, baked potatoes

If iced tea is the shop that “dominating” the sidewalk in the summer, corn and baked potatoes keep the throne in the winter. Just like the above two small sidewalk business ideas, selling corn and baked potatoes does not require too much capital, it is important to import cheap but quality ingredients.

A shopkeeper in Long Bien said that one day she sold more than 100 corns of corn, nearly 10kg of potatoes, earning a profit of nearly 2 million dong, in order to choose good goods in large quantities, she had to go to wholesale markets early to choose. row.

Baked corn, reverse potato: Warm food of Hanoi winter

In addition to corn and baked potatoes, you can sell more chestnuts, donuts, and popcorn, which are all popular street food snacks in the winter, you can refer to the article Food business ideas. Super profitable winter snacks.

In case you do not have much knowledge about sidewalk business, do not worry, please refer to the details in the article below to make your business easier.

selling bread on the sidewalk
Expensive sidewalk business experience you must know


The above are our summaries of street food businesses that make millions of dollars every day easily (with grilled food is a bit difficult at first).

If you are craving for sidewalk business and get rich, you can refer to and compare with your ability/hobbies and then choose an item for your sidewalk business to try!

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