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7 effective ways to sell online for beginners

No matter what product you are trading, you will have to apply how to sell online effectively down here. Because this sequence has been proven and you can follow if you want to sell effectively online, when you are starting to enter the game of online business with potential but also many challenges.

Let’s join Sapo Blog to learn experiences and How to sell online effectively in the article here you go.

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Step 1: Look for market demand and take notes

Most people who are just starting to sell online often make the serious mistake of prioritizing finding sources of goods and then researching the market. But the process is quite the opposite.

We will have to find market demand first and know what they need, then research the right product that can meet that need.

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The way to successfully sell online is to start with the market. Go to groups of customers who are looking for a solution for them but have not found the optimal result. You can do this research through the Internet by:

  • Join online forumsgroups, social networks to see what people are asking questions and what problems they are trying to solve.
  • Keyword research to find the words that are being searched by a lot of people, but not many websites are competing.
  • Exploring competitors your potential, by visiting their website and taking note of what they are doing to fulfill the need. You can then use what you’ve learned to pick out a product, and do it better than the competition.

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how to sell online effectively
How to sell online effectively

Step 2: Write a product PR article – REMOVETips for selling online

To do this well, follow these plans:

  • Arouse the reader’s interest with a catchy headline. If you don’t know how to create a headline that attracts readers, you should read the article Over 200 fill-in-the-blank headline recipes.
  • Describe product-related problems and the benefits it brings to users
  • Add testimonials from people who have used your product.
  • Offers absolute assurance.
  • List the need.
  • Promotions included.
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Throughout the article, you need to focus on whether your product or service is unique, and can solve problems for an entire community or make their lives better. Think like a customer and ask yourself, “What can this product do for me?”.

Write product PR articles
Writing product PR articles is the secret of effective online sales

Step 3: The most effective way to sell online is to design a sales website

Once you have the market, the product, and it’s built way effective online sales, let’s start designing your own sales website. One key to selling online is to remember to keep the interface as simple as possible.

For the most effective way to sell online, remember you have less than 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention – otherwise they will disappear and never return. Some important tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose one or two simple fonts on a white background.
  • Make the navigation bar clear, simple, and the same on every page.
  • Only use graphics, audio, or video if they really enhance the sales message.
  • Add a box to collect e-mail addresses with attractive benefits. You can later use this list to send promotions, or offer to buy special offers.
  • Create the simplest purchasing process, no more than two clicks.
Design a sales website
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Your website is an online store, so make it more customer-friendly with an eye-catching and easy-to-use website interface. You can start experimenting and Try the website for free for 7 days right now at Sapo Web.

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Creating a professional sales website is one of the ways to help your business grow long-term and sustainably. Effective online sales of thousands of orders per day will no longer be a dream if you know how to invest smartly.

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Step 4: Run ads to attract customers and traffic

With the current trend, Facebook Ads and Google Ads Ads are two effective ways to sell online that are chosen by many people.

According to the online sales experience of the forerunners, PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is the easiest way to get more traffic to a brand new website. It has two advantages over you waiting to get traffic to your site.

First, PPC ads appear on search pages immediately, and second, PPC ads will allow you to test different keywords, as well as titles, pricing, and selling approaches. row.

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Not only will you get more traffic instantly, but you can also use PPC ads to discover more in keywords and conversion rates. Then, you can distribute keywords in the online sales page, on articles, source code, to boost rankings in search results.

How to sell online effectively?
The way to sell online effectively is to run ads

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Step 5: REMOVEeffective online shopping byReputation on online channels

People use the internet to find information. Give free information to other sites, and you will see better traffic and rankings through search engines. OLDonline sales yoke The effect is to always put more links to your website with every one of the compelling information you write down.

Create articles, videos or content in a different style that people will find useful. Sometimes readers are willing to ignore details about spelling errors, expressions if it is a passionate and valuable article.

To increase your reach, don’t forget to market your articles on forums, social networks and to increase your personal reputation, you must join active groups on Facebook about your business. business.

For example, if you have an online fashion business (wholesale and retail), you definitely need to join groups on sourcing and trading and share your understanding of how to choose goods, experience in sourcing goods. ..

Don’t be afraid that others know all that you have, because almost all valuable experiences people only remember and learn when they practice and stumble themselves.

You will get new readers, even better, all the websites that publish your content will reconnect, and help increase website rankings thanks to search engines.

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Sell ​​online effectively by creating credibility on online channels
Build credibility for your brand/product

Step 6: Take advantage of available solutions to save money and human resources

What are the available solutions? For example, instead of hiring a website designer for yourself, you can use the available online sales platforms to use.

Instead of hiring a person every day to ship goods to customers every day, you should always take advantage of the way a reputable 3rd party shipping service provides… But why when taking advantage of available solutions, you should save more budget and human resources?

For example, you have a capital of 50 million VND and have found a suitable product for a potential market that has not been exploited yet. Now you need to design a website to sell and increase business credibility.

You hire an implementation unit for 7 million VND. But note that the other 7 million website is just a cover, if you want to do business, you need to integrate a payment solution, add additional features such as: Optimize SEO, integrate online chat application to chat with customers…

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And every time you add a new feature like that, you will need to spend a few million more. Too expensive!

But assuming you switch to using a pre-built online sales platform, you will be able to own a professional website, and have a store of sales support applications available, if you like to use anything, just click for a few 30 seconds and you’re done. That is just a small benefit, you will enjoy many other great benefits.

Currently, Sapo Web is implementing the program “Accompany and share difficulties with business people during the epidemic season” with many attractive incentives and support. You can learn more and sign up for a free 7-day trial of the professional sales website at Sapo Web Please.

Sales website design

Website design

Step 7: The experience of selling online is taking advantage of the lifetime value of each customer

One of the most important effective ways to sell online is to grow and capture the lifetime value of each customer. At least 36% of the customers who bought your product once will come back again if you always stick to them and take care of them.

Once the first sale is over, it will be difficult for customers to return if they have a bad shopping experience, not to mention the hefty price tag.

Therefore, the online sales experience is to use advanced sales and customer care skills to keep customers coming back for the next time is an extremely important strategy. A few suggestions for you:

  • Offering other products with loyal customers, customers come back to buy for the 2nd and 3rd time
  • Free coupon for next purchase for first time customers
  • Include information about related products if you thank customers for their purchase via Email, Facebook or SMS
Learn how to sell
The secret of online sales is to care about customers

Especially, always thank customers for their interest in products/services even if they don’t buy. Being grateful and friendly will make them more loyal to your product and they will remember you and come back when the need arises.

The internet has changed rapidly at breakneck speed (one year online equals about 5 years in the real world). But the principles of how to get started and way effective online sales does not change in any way.

If you are just starting an online business and want to learn how to sell online, follow the steps outlined. If you’re in development, and beyond, check back, if there’s a step you’re skipping. Because, you can’t go wrong with the basics.

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