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6 ideas for prosperity for home appliance merchants

Household appliances are essential items that every family needs to use on a daily basis. Therefore, more and more young investors are orienting their home appliance business to start a business.

However, it takes appropriate decisions and clear preparation and learning for this to be possible. Orientation is there, you just need to be determined and implement it. This article we send to you”6 ideas for prosperity for household goods merchantsmaybe it will be useful and help you make the right investment decision.

Unique home appliance business ideas

Which household appliance business should be profitable?

Wholesale Chinese household appliances

Those of you who have been wholesalers of Chinese household goods will know, Chinese home appliances are very rich and diverse in each product, targeting customers of all classes and objects. Regardless of social class, they are all offered to the market at extremely affordable prices.

Chinese housewares are typically cheap to super cheap. Any kind you like, whatever the price is. The price is cheap, but you can still see the variety of designs and sophistication in each product.

China’s home appliance business is also divided into three main categories:

  • High-end product group Production from China is imported to European and American countries. This is a product ordered by European and American firms to manufacture in China. These products are manufactured according to the standards of the ordered company, so they are quite high quality. Products are named after European and American brands such as Philips, Hamilton, Sunbean, Tifany….
  • Second row group produced by a number of large, reputable firms in big cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai. Goods in this group have relatively good and stable quality. Product brands are named China or international transliteration such as Shanghai…
  • The third group of goods produced by small and medium-sized home appliances manufacturers in China. The amount of this type of goods brought to Vietnam is very large, and the consumption is strong thanks to the cheap price as well as the constantly changing designs. These products are all fake or imitation brands of famous brands such as National, Philips, Toshiba, Sharp… Due to the low-income market targeting, the products are sold at cheap prices. To have cheap prices, manufacturers have to use poor quality raw materials as well as being produced in outdated lines.
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However, “made in China” utensils are increasingly losing trust because there are so many scandals that happen when product lines, including Chinese food, are continuously entangled with criticism and boycotts. from public opinion because the product lines of this brand cannot meet the most core requirements for quality.

If you choose this path, consider it carefully. Trading in China is highly profitable but risky because it depends on market sentiment…

Make a fortune through wholesale household goods

Wholesale Japanese household goods

In recent years, Japanese household goods are one of the most chosen products by Vietnamese users. It is because of the convenience and durable quality along with the unique design that is not easy to mix up that has made the market share of Japanese household goods.

The world of Japanese home appliances is also very diverse, from rice cookers, induction cookers, refrigerators, televisions to beautiful small items. They are essential in our daily family life. Because it meets the needs of fastidious women in the selection of quality and safe products, but still ensures the economy for their home.

With a long-standing cultural tradition of Japan, always attaching importance to rules, quality over quantity, always putting a happy family life first. Therefore, their daily essentials must always ensure the most meticulous and strict requirements. Therefore, each Japanese household product is of good quality, durable, giving users the most comfortable and convenient feeling. That’s why Japanese household products are always popular with world users in general and Vietnam in particular.

All items from technology to household appliances are manufactured in Japan based on the most advanced and modern lines in the world, high quality and durable materials along with rigorous product testing process. before hitting the market.

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In addition, the price of Japanese household appliances is also extremely competitive to target customers who are housewives, who always pay close attention to ensure the stability of the family’s economy. In the family, manufacturers have simplified their products so that it is really convenient but the price is still as competitive as possible.

The simplest guide to opening a home appliance store from A – Z, for beginners


Wholesale Thai household appliances

Currently, from large retail chains to supermarkets and small shops deep in residential areas, it is easy to find Thai consumer goods everywhere. It shows that “made in Thailand” products are dominating the market very high.

Thai household goods have beautiful designs, reasonable prices and better quality than Vietnamese goods, plus the close geographical distance and open tariff policies of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). making Thai products more competitive. On the other hand, the transportation of goods from Thailand to Vietnam is very simple and convenient, just after a day and night, being able to return to Vietnam shows that the source of goods is completely active.

Thai household goods are wanting to gain a foothold in our country’s household goods market, surely Thai businesses will have great incentives for merchants to help them promote and sell their products. This is also a good business idea…

Wholesale smart home appliances – convenience

Instead of buying expensive items such as televisions, refrigerators, harvesters, etc., consumers switch to buying essential household items. This is a new shopping trend of people in difficult economic times.

Smart gadgets are smart home appliances products used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room… personal household items, making life convenient for you and your family. , comfortable.

Smart home appliances – gadgets that make our lives simpler and more effective, especially in the family kitchen. Catching up with this trend, many products were born to satisfy most housewives and women – the most fastidious people.

The market is wide open, the consumption capacity is constantly increasing, this can be considered as a potential direction, a “heavy competitor” with today’s business ideas. Why do not you try it !

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Wholesale cheap home appliances

Not everyone can afford quality products with expensive prices. Cheap home appliances are finding themselves a very strong foothold in the home appliance market.

Low prices help us to be proactive with not too large capital, easy to rotate, always provide a diverse source of goods to serve the needs of customers to the fullest and be ready to satisfy them. Household appliances are cheap but still ensure the minimum need for efficiency and aesthetics.

Labeled as cheap, your customer base is completely out of line with other products, plus with cheap items, the tendency to buy more, buy in reserve, buy on behalf is completely understandable… Getting Started first here, why not!

Open a store selling household plastic products

Plastic household items are familiar items in every family, with a small value but are indispensable items. Starting a business with household plastic is also very potential.

The peculiarity of household plastic is that it is light and can be stacked easily, so you do not need to take up too much space to have a home appliance store.

Just a small kiosk or an area of ​​over 10m2 you are comfortable with many types and colors already. Like all other goods, household appliances also need a suitable location to develop, near an inn or a hospital is better.

With a capital not too large from only about 10 million, you already have quite a few items. The best selling time is from August-September to the end of the year, so take advantage of the sale and other promotions to entice customers to buy. With a super huge profit of up to 40%, opening a store selling household plastic is worth considering, isn’t it?

Above are some ideas to start with the above items when selling home appliances, you can choose one of them to start or combine them to better suit your assessment. for your plan. The market of home appliances is always ready to welcome you, prepare to be in a good mood to prosper with household goods.

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