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5 business ideas from phones for people with little capital

Everyone knows that if you want to start a phone business, you have to prepare a small amount of capital, the import money alone can be up to several hundred million. But there is no denying the attractiveness of this field when the market’s demand for mobile phones is continuously increasing.

So if you only have a little capital you can choose business idea from the phone? Soon we will suggest you 5 such ideas.


The idea of ​​a phone business to make a lot of money

1. Old phone business idea

In the writing Buying and selling used phones – A piece of cake that is not easy to swallow We have mentioned this business idea before. In terms of potential, the second-hand phone market is very attractive because of high demand and abundant supply.

In terms of cost conditions, the old phone business certainly does not require as much capital as new phones, and it is even easy to make a profit if you know how to choose standard products.

Of course, every game has an adventure, you will encounter many challenges right from the start, such as high competition rate, difficult to build reputation, may encounter “fake” goods. However, this is still a great idea for people who don’t have a lot of capital but want to start a phone business.

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2. Trading in phone accessories

In parallel with the advent of phone models, accessories are also constantly being launched with a variety of extremely diverse categories. The need to buy accessories is even higher than buying a phone, most people buy themselves some necessary items such as headphones, cases, screen protectors, selfie sticks, etc.

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The phone accessories business is very quick to recover capital because the import prices of these items are extremely cheap, most of them are Chinese, buying in bulk is only a few thousand dong. Therefore, this is the most popular business idea with low capital, which is both easy to sell and does not require a large investment.

phone accessories

Business phone accessories with low capital and quick profit

3. Sim card business

Today’s mobile phones all need to have a sim card to use their most important feature – making calls and texting – so obviously the demand to buy a phone sim is not low.

In fact, the profit earned when selling a sim is only about ten thousand dong, even lower for less popular networks, but in return the import price is not high, easy to sell, getting the amount to compensate, so it is not less competitive. other professions. Especially selling sims without a big store, expensive shelves, very suitable for the model business at home little capital.

In addition to ordinary phone sims, there are currently 3 types of sims that are bought the most, including beautiful digital sims (quad quarter sims, progressive sims, date of birth sims, etc., which sell for dozens of times more than regular sims), sims students (registered student sims enjoy many network operators’ incentives) and junk sims (used for texting promotions,… usually at relatively cheap prices).

To start opening a sim card business, you absolutely should not ignore the following article:

4. Phone Repair Service

If you are technically savvy and passionate about phones, you can open a repair service. Service business will not lose capital to import goods, mainly based on your skills to make a profit. However, during the repair process, you may have to buy replacement parts, which are not cheap for high-end phones.

Currently, there are many different phone lines, in addition to knowing how to fix hardware, you should equip yourself with software knowledge to handle common smartphone errors. Besides, you can combine buying and selling old phones after a period of opening the service to earn more income.

5. Open the phone “customer” service


For people who love technology, the trend of “customizing” phones is no longer strange, especially for those who like to show their personality or like unique things.

“Modifying” the phone is actually changing the outer shell, even the internal components of the phone, making it more prominent. It sounds like changing accessories, but it’s actually much more complicated.

The most common is “leveling” to add led lights for phone cases, gilding, attaching stones, changing colors, carving pictures, etc. This service is suitable for those who have creative minds and artistic abilities, each time “leveling”. “Success can make quite a lot of money.

Above are 5 business ideas from the phone that need little capital that we want to share with you. If you are planning a small business of these items, you can refer to it to choose the right idea for you.

In addition, when opening a shop selling phones and accessories or sim cards, you need to have phone store management software. With software help, you can manage phones by series, imei. All customer information is stored. You can easily print sales invoices as well as confirm warranty and return for customers.

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Specifically, how convenient is the phone store management software, please find out and try it right below.

Software sales

Software sales – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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