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4 ways to sell online on Facebook to increase thousands of orders

Selling online on Facebook is a “hot” business, every shop owner wants to exploit. But really, many people still don’t know how to do online business on Facebook, don’t know the online selling skills on Facebook to help attract and retain customers.

So this post will guide how to sell online on facebook effectively, so as to attract many customers and bring high profits.

1. What do you need to sell online on Facebook?

To do business online on Facebook effectively, you need to register a Facebook account. Then create a sales shop on Facebook to make selling easier.

Alternatively, you can like a few fanpages to see how people post sales and join Facebook groups to sell on them.

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2. Where can you sell online on Facebook?

Currently, when using Facebook, you can sell online on the following 3 locations: Profile (personal page), Fanpage (Page), Group (group).

  • Profile (personal page):

When you start using Facebook, you will take care of your personal profile to be clear, accurate, attractive. Please fill out the information on your personal page to build trust with customers. When selling, you can post the sale on your wall and make it public. Importantly, you need to have many friends to create the necessary interaction.

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An account can join many different groups on Facebook, or you can also create your own. However, creating a group yourself will be slower to work because you have to build a new group from scratch.

From your own facebook account, you can create many different fanpages or like to follow other people’s fanpages.

The most important thing when selling on Facebook effectively is to understand the operating mechanism and characteristics of the above 3 areas to interact with customers in the most effective way.


How to sell online on facebook from A – Z

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3. The simplest way to sell online on Facebook

3.1. Instructions on how to sell on your personal profile

To participate in the largest social network on this planet, each person must have their own fixed personal account, also known as Profile.

Profile is your virtual home on the Internet. The place where all living activities, activities, communication with relatives, friends and colleagues take place. Where you can personalize all information such as: photos, names, date of birth, marital status … or write content sharing feelings, notable events taking place in all aspects of social life.

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First, a trustworthy personal profile must have complete information (including full name, occupation, address, personal avatar, facebook cover photo, phone number….) to create credibility with customers to visit.

With your account name, you should leave your real name, avoiding the wrong name will violate Facebook’s policy and lose your nick if someone reports it. Moreover, a real name will create trust among your friends as well as new customers who want to follow you.


Instructions on how to sell online on Facebook to get many orders

Should put a secondary name next to the main name to remind and make it easier for customers to find you. Example: Ngo Loan (Wholesale and retail of women’s clothing). Customers only remember your name and the products you provide, but cannot remember your full name and surname. This is how Facebook helps customers find and remember your products more clearly

If you want to do an effective online business on Facebook, you need to determine your target customer group, who they are, what gender, how old, live in what area, etc. Then make friends with these people and make friends with them. Interact with them by liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

Make friends with customers before selling because selling to friends and acquaintances is always easier and more prestigious. Moreover, if your friends share your products, your friends will see and they will definitely be your source of potential customers.

A person can create many nicks (user accounts), if selling products to men, they should create hotgirl nicks, selling to women, create more hotboy nicks, etc. However, this is only objective. Actually, hotgirl selling to any object is equally loved. For example, cosmetics, fashion, … hotgirls use and experience will create stimulation for women.

The maximum number of friends an account can make is 5,000 people. Usually an account with more than 2,000 friends is already selling very effectively. However, when making friends, you need to choose the official nick, avoid making friends with less active virtual nicks.

Currently, the Livestream feature is an extremely effective support tool for doing online business on Facebook for almost all items, especially such as: cosmetics, hair salon, Spa…

This feature helps customers directly interact, ask questions while you are reviewing or recommending products. Credibility will be much higher than a bland promotional status line.

You can experience the trial Free 7 days full features Live sales on Facebook automatically with the most used online sales software by customers.

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3.2. How to sell effectively on Facebook with Groups

The third type you can sell on Facebook is Group. So what is a Group? This is a collection of all objects with a common interest. They can exchange, share image content, comment with the rest of the group.

Of course, selling here is not a bad idea. Currently, there are many famous sales groups on Facebook that you can easily find with a fairly high interaction density between members.

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An online selling skill on Facebook is that you can create new groups or join existing Facebook groups to sell.

Please name the group according to the right keywords, right items so that users can find it easily. If you have a sales post, you should choose a community group that has a lot of interaction because there are people with real needs.


The effective way to sell online on Facebook is to sell through Group

The more tightly the group manages the content, the better the interaction. Do not join massively in groups to post ads, sell products, but interact with them first.

You can make friends, get acquainted with people who often ask for purchases on groups. Once you get used to it, if you sell on the group, your friends will prioritize choosing your goods over other strangers in the group.

As for the group you create yourself. Let’s build a shared community group. The rules and regulations of the group need to be clearly presented so that members can better grasp.

In addition, must invite friends to the group, use many methods to invite more friends and post useful news to maintain the group’s activities.

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3.3. Experience of selling online on Fanpage

If Profile is your home, then Fanpage is the address of your company or business. Similar to personal pages, fanpages allow updating avatars, covers, company information, and events.

To sell products on the fanpage, create a fanpage with full information, description, avatar and cover photo beautifully, on the right topic to attract natural likes. You can invite your friends to like the page so everyone knows your page.

Note: A lot of likes does not mean a lot of sales, so don’t care about the number of likes. However, if it is a lot of natural likes, it is still very useful for sellers.

However, the number of likes contributes to increasing the prestige of the page. A reputable and selling page usually has 5,000 likes. If you want to have a page over 10,000 likes, you can buy the page back or use tips and tools to increase likes.

The cost of increasing likes is usually from 100 VND – 150 VND/like. Calculating 5k likes, you lose 500,000-750,000 VND. You can refer to more articles about Facebook advertising of Sapo offline.

To do a good online business on Facebook, your fanpage must have attractive content. Post regularly at the right time when customers are online a lot. The best posting time frames are from 6-9am, 15h, 17h, 19-21h.

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Purpose of work Create a sales shop on Facebook (Fanpage) is to promote interaction, orders of potential customers. Therefore, building quality content content is extremely important.

If the customer’s interests, needs, and preferences are not clearly defined, they can leave at any time because the content is not suitable. 80/20 is a reasonable article ratio, which means 80% shares, only 20% sales.

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The content that Facebook prioritizes to display to users is usually in the form of articles with videos, photos, text and finally a link.

If you can’t make a video, you can livestream. If you use images with text, please refer to Facebook’s image advertising regulations! The best display size, the text should be within 20% of the image area.

I have seen a lot of retail stores that only focus on selling on Facebook with product information, prices, and forget about other customer concerns. As a result, the interaction of the posts dropped seriously, and there were no orders.

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4. Using Facebook sales software Sapo POS

Selling on Facebook, shop owners often upset customers about missing orders from customers; If you don’t check your inbox in time, customers will not be patient enough to wait for you to reply to your inbox and they will have the need to find other shops when they are not consulted in a timely manner.

Not stopping there, to manage information of new and loyal customers is also difficult if only manually using books and excel….

There are many dilemmas that shop owners will have to face, surely every night you will have to lay your hands on your forehead to find the best solution for you.

Fortunately, Sapo POS was born exclusively for shop owners selling online on Facebook and also on the e-commerce platform.

With Facebook sales softwareyou will solve the above headaches, but you will also save a lot of time and costs when managing directly on the software, above all, pushing orders to the shipping unit without having to spend money. shipping cost or time consuming to send the goods.

Watch now the video introducing online sales management software on the floor and Facebook Sapo POS below!

Sapo POS online sales management software helps sellers manage and operate effectively, not only helping to sell online on facebook but also easily doing business on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo. Especially during the Covid season, Sapo POS brings a series of useful features to help you grow revenue, optimize costs, … to help sellers overcome the Covid season easily. To prove that what was said is true, to be able to experience these useful features, you quickly own “her” or view detailed information. here Please!

Above are valuable experiences on how to sell online effectively on Facebook. Surely Sapo has brought you a lot of information about sales skills and how to do online business on Facebook. Hope you will take advantage of these ways to make sales easier and more effective.

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