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4 super profitable babywear business ideas

In the previous article on the children’s business, we mentioned an advantage of this field, which is the variety of goods. As a result, you can choose from many different business and product management directions, or sell multiple product lines at the same time, or choose a specific product line. In this article, we will suggest you 4 attractive and potential children’s business ideas so that you can open a store selling children’s toys, when you don’t know what to do. What business? effective.

Review 4 reasons you should start a children’s business today

1. Trading in newborns


Newborns between the ages of 1 and 12 months are subject to special care, at this time they are very sensitive and have low resistance to infection. So parents are always very careful at this stage, baby supplies are fully prepared and choose the best. You can trade in the following items:

– Caps, gloves, leg covers, umbilical cords, pacifiers

– Milk bottle

– Shampoo, shower gel, baby powder, diaper rash cream for babies

– Bathtubs of all kinds, nets, towels, diapers, diapers

– Sputum aspirator, tongue swab, thermometer

– Clothes for babies

These are the necessary items in the daily life of the baby, besides you can sell more items for new mothers such as corsets, anti-stretch mark cream, breast pump, sterilizer, … Types of milk Powder is also bought a lot, used to replace when breast milk is not enough, you should import some kind of famous brand on sale.

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2. Children’s fashion business

Children are in the process of growing up, their bodies will develop over time, so they must often change new clothes. Therefore, fashion is one of the children’s business ideas with the ability to bring high profits while the capital investment is not too much.

In the writing Children’s fashion business experience for beginners We’ve also shared some tips to help you make this idea a reality. The most important of which is the sourcing stage, because children’s clothes are very diverse in designs and brands with many different wholesale prices, you should determine who you will sell to to determine the main product. religion before entering.

3. Milk business for children


For parents, how their children can develop comprehensively is always a top priority. Today, in addition to enhancing nutrition through food, parents often buy additional foods such as fresh milk, powdered milk, vitamins, etc. to supplement their children.

The demand for these items is high, so stores specializing in children’s milk are constantly being opened, if you are also interested, this is a good business idea. To know where to start, you can read the article Experience of opening a milk shop for children to refer.

4. Trading in children’s toys

In addition to taking care of their children’s nutrition, parents are also very interested in the mental development of their children by buying toys to let them play freely and increase their imagination.

Currently, the children’s toy market is also very active, according to statistics, Vietnam has more than 100 professional production facilities, products are diverse in materials as well as designs. In addition, imported toys are popular because of their high quality and educational value.

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Therefore, the work Open a children’s toy store not a bad idea at all. Open a children’s toy store It will certainly bring a lot of profit if you ensure the source of quality goods, unique toy products, and have their own characteristics compared to competitors.

In particular, there is another interesting idea besides selling children’s toys that you can refer to, which is renting children’s toys. Items such as slides, air mattresses, inflatable swimming pools, electric cars, etc. are often quite expensive but rarely used, many parents just choose some special occasions for their children and friends to have fun together. just kidding, now they will need your rental service. If you want to get started, you can read the article Turn your toy rental business idea into reality for reference.

Although Open a shop selling children’s toys or rental store, we believe that you will reap a lot of profit from this potential market.

Above are 4 potential children’s business ideas, hopefully after this article you will choose the right idea for your direction, plan and capital.

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