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4 online business tactics to help you beat all competitors

Online business is still a business trend chosen by many shop owners. You can come across a lot of friends and relatives doing business on Facebook, Zalo or sales websites…, as long as there are products and ideas arise.


But in order to do business online so that many people know, we need to have the correct directions and ways to apply it so that it is not time-consuming but effective immediately. Because of the fact that there are many people, especially students, inexperienced new graduates often do not know where to start. And just like that, my ideas were “dead in their infancy”.

So, let Blog tell you the tactics in online business to get the largest number of customers.

1. Branding

Brand is one of the factors that make the difference between products, a factor that helps consumers not to get confused, helping them to overcome all the increasingly diverse choices when buying a product or service. service.

An interesting story about the “blind” experience of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Coca, the results showed that when tasting the “blind” product, very few people noticed the difference between the two, but when asked to For products with a label, 65% of consumers think they prefer Coca-Cola.

Thus, the brand is a factor for consumers to make purchasing decisions when the products are considered the same with almost no other distinction.

2. Effective online business skills and secrets

Business online, offline or any channel requires “sales skills”, especially with online sales, due to its own characteristics and methods of approaching customers.

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2.1 Where the customer is, reach there

First you need to determine who your customers are on the internet, what channels they usually use.

Example to illustrate better: You trade in fashion women’s watches with an average price of 500-2000k. Your audience is women and men who want to buy watches (too generic). The age group from 16-28 are students, working people… Where does this object appear most often? You will have strong sales on that channel. Here can be Facebook, Zalo, Instagram,…

2.2 Identify the tools of access

There are so many simple and highly effective approaches!

It can be a classifieds post on your forum, a post on your Social Networking pages or a liquidation trading group…

Simply statuses, post images about products..

Or even a live stream video – an emerging sales trend on Facebook…

In your articles, you need to help customers clearly see the outstanding features of your products and services that make a difference to other competitors. This is an extremely important point in your pitch, because when you highlight the difference, customers will choose your product over other competitors’ products.

The most professional tool to reach customers and convey information to customers is the website. It’s like your virtual store. There customers can easily find all information related to your product. How do you take care of your store, do the same with the website, there will be customers.

Popular tools to reach customers on the internet such as: Zalo, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, G+, forums like webtretho, lamchame, Informatics Forum….

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2.3 Writing skills and how to build trust

When customers have not experienced the product firsthand, words will be the first weapon to convince them. So you need to convert your knowledge into article content so that customers can capture the most information.

Your customers always have doubts about online products. So, first of all, you should act as a sharer, tips and tricks related to the product so that customers believe that you are really an expert in this field, and then your selling a product The product will be seen in terms of – like you are helping them solve a problem they have.

What do you think if you sell an item you don’t know well about? Show that you are trying to help others by selling them the right values, helping them to best solve their problems. Knowing the product is a necessary condition for you to become an expert in your field. Only in this way can we gain the trust of our customers.

Trust needs to be built over time, from satisfaction through each purchase. Those who know how to build trust with customers are successful. Recently, online scams have caused psychological insecurity for consumers, reducing the desire to buy online of many people. Besides product quality, customers are also concerned about the safety and privacy of user information. You need to have clear public policies and commitments, which is also a way to raise the professional level of the store and build more trust with customers.

3. Participate in events and fairs to promote products

Set up an event about a contest, minigame, sweepstakes, or discount on some products and promote that activity loudly on your website or fanpage. In addition, you can also participate in the fair with the presence of many sales shops where a lot of potential customers come together, your brand will quickly receive attention and interest from everyone. People.

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4. Look for the difference

“DO NOT SELL, SELL THE DIFFERENCE”. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, you should create a point of difference that your competitors don’t have.

Differences in price, promotions, quality and design, product trends towards, shipping costs.

For example, do your research, launch promotions to different audiences, but remember, the abuse of promotions and discounts will sometimes make your brand lose value, create a habit habit is not good for customers when it comes to you.

Regarding shipping, you can use reputable parties: Fast delivery, shipchung,… Or you can create a convenient shipping policy yourself, so customers will feel you bring efficiency, prestige, safety to customers and create the impression of your care and service.

Small tip for you, customer psychology loves stores that support ship and freeship discounts, even though its value is very small compared to the value of the product!


If you just open a store, post products and wait, no customers will come to you. Take advantage of the great advantages of online tools, combined with the available conditions, plus hard work, perseverance and determination, you will have customers, you will have revenue.

Blog Sapo hopes that the above 4 ways will be useful suggestions to help your online business become more convenient and smooth.

Let’s look forward to more in-depth sharing from Sapo! – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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