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18 useful photo editing tools for online business

For online business, how to attract and create trust in customers is extremely difficult, because this method does not allow customers to have direct contact with the product. Then the role of illustrations is extremely important, a beautiful, vivid and realistic photo not only impresses buyers but also gives them an objective view of the product’s appearance for comparison. Compare with other products. In the writing 22 websites that allow you to take photos for free in your online business We’ve already suggested you a source of beautiful, constantly updated photos, but to get the most out of your marketing, you have to go through one more editing step before you post it. This article will give you 18 very useful editing tools for you.

1. Photoshop Elements 12

photoshop online business 1

Using a Photoshop suite is the final step to editing images. This software will provide you with all the tools you need to perfect your photos. Since this is the first software introduced, it is certainly not the cheapest suggestion on this list..

Note: You can also refer to Photoshop CC software, the latest version costs $ 9.99 per month.

2. Photoshop Lightroom

online business photoshop 2

This software provides quite a lot of functions in editing personal photos. Lightroom focuses on editing within a set of photos, so in addition to the functions itself, it also allows editing multiple photos at the same time, making it easier for you to organize.

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3. Photoshop Touch

photoshop online business 3

Touch is a $4.99 application that allows you to edit photos right on your smartphone, developed on both Android and iOS platforms. On Touch you can change many filters or different photo effects.

4. Camera +

photoshop online business 4

Camera + is an app that enhances your mobile photography performance. You can change the shooting mode, adjust the exposure, set up the image grid according to your liking. The price of this application is also quite cheap, only about $ 1.99.

5. Fiverr

photoshop online business 5

Fiverr is a fairly simple application, anyone can create a beautiful photo based on its built-in effects, while the cost to own is only $ 5.

6. Shopify Experts

photoshop online business 6

At Shopify Experts you will have access to top photography services from experts.

7. Tucia

online business photoshop 7

If you don’t want to spend time finding the right person to send pictures to, check out Tucia, an app that has edited over 3.7 million different photos. There are three service plans with corresponding functional limitations, of course there is an unlimited free session for you if needed.

8. Portrait Professionals

photoshop online business 8

If your product involves models use Portrait Professionals, it’s a tool optimized for portraits that helps to retouch, correct and alter facial blemishes.

9. Remove the Background

online business photoshop 9

For $1.45 per photo, Remove Background is a proprietary software that allows optimal separation of the main image from the background image.

10. Mister Clipping

photoshop online business 10

Just like Remove the Background, Mister Clipping allows you to separate the original image from the background, but completely manually so it will maximize the integrity of the image. The price for each image ranges from $0.95 to $9.95, especially the provider offers a limited free trial.

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11. KeyShot

photoshop online business 11

Using KeyShot you can create high definition images or models. The photos are processed to feel like the real thing, in fact many large companies use KeyShot in their marketing campaigns. At $995, this software will keep the most expensive price on the list that we recommend., but you can also use it for free for 14 days before deciding to buy it.

12. Digital Tutors

online business photoshop 12

We have suggested you a lot of modern software tools for editing images, but now, with Digital Tutors you will learn editing techniques from basic to advanced right on the Internet.

13. Gimp

online business photoshop 13

GIMP is a complex but free editing tool, you can use it to draw, adjust effects, etc. for your images.

14. Fotor

online business photoshop 14

You do not want to download, want to edit images right on the web browser? Then come to Fotor, at this website you are also provided with professional photo editing tools.

15. PicMonkey

online business photoshop 15

PicMonkey is a great online photo editor with a very cool feature: Collage. You can take different photos and arrange them together. If you have a lot of products, you can collage them together perhaps as a banner image for your store or in an email newsletter.

16. Pixlr

online business photoshop 16

Pixlr is the most commonly used online photo editor. It comes in three versions, and all are free: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, Pixl O-Matic.

17. Photo Editor by Aviary

online business photoshop 17

This is a free photo editing app on your smartphone. It can overcome “red-eye” when shooting with flash, adjust different exposure modes, etc.

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18. Photoshop Express

online business photoshop 18

Photoshop Express is an extremely useful application when you want to edit photos right on your phone, although less functional than Photoshop Touch, it is completely free, allowing you to crop photos, fix red eyes, share on fast social network.

Image is a very important element in online businessso edit them beautifully with professional photoshop software.

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