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14 tools to capture and edit photos for online business (P1)

Perhaps all of us know that the biggest drawback of online business is the lack of direct contact between the customer with the product and the seller, so the process of building trust is difficult.

To overcome this, retailers have taken advantage of product images to both market and give buyers an overview of their products.

In previous articles, we have shared 22 websites that allow free photos and 18 useful photo editing tools in online business. The following article will be 14 tools and other resources compiled according to the summary of

1. Arqspin

online business photo editing tool 1

Arqspin is a tool that allows you to create 360-degree images from images on a DSLR camera or smartphone.

These photos can rotate in many directions, helping customers see the product from different angles, this is a type of interaction that has been quite popular lately. To use Arqspin you have to spend $ 19.95 per month for a regular account and $ 79.95 for an advanced account.

2. Olloclip

online business photo editing tool 2

Olloclip is a 4-in-1 lens solution for iPhone that includes fisheye lens, wide angle lens, and 2 macro lenses (10x, 15x).

This is a tool in the Kickstarter project because it is a software that fits your pocket despite being equipped with many advanced features. If you are a fan of half-bitten apples, you should consider this Olloclip photo editing tool. Their price is $69.99.


3 online business photo editing tool

GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. This tool is provided free of charge with functions such as photo restoration and composition editing.

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GIMP is considered an expert in image quality improvement, able to process many different images online at the same time. In addition, you can also use GIMP to change image formats or create amazing effects.

4. Remove Background

online business photo editing tool 4

Remove Background is an image editing service for online retailers, bloggers, designers, photographers or webmasters.

The advantage of Remove Background is that the image processing time is quite fast, in just a few seconds you will have a beautiful image for your sales website. In addition, this tool is also not limited to images, but the price for each photo is $ 1.45.

5. Clipping Magic

online business photo editing tool 5

Clipping Magic is a tool that allows you to remove excess parts in an image quickly, without damaging or distorting the image.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Clipping Magic has a fast processing speed and image separation, like a miracle. To use this tool you have to spend from $ 2.99 to $ 14.99 per month.

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

online business photo editing tool 6

Lightroom, a product of Adobe, is one of the most advanced digital photo editing tools available today. Your photos will be edited to perfection for tones, contrast, shades and more, leaving almost no trace.

Lightroom is built on the Creative Cloud platform, so you can edit the photos you have on your iPad or iPhone. Lightroom is capable of editing almost any type of photo, from smartphone photos to DSLR photos. The price of this software per month is as low as $ 9.99.

7. Presets Heaven

online business photo editing tool 7

Presets Heaven is a free source of Adobe Lightroom presets. The site also has extras and tutorials for Lightroom. Presets Heaven also features Project 365, which allows you to create a new Lightroom setting for each day of the year.

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(To be continued…)

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