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100% success with great online clothing business

If you type the phrase “how to sell clothes online then Google will immediately return you 538,000 different results. Looking at that number, you probably understand the level of competition when selling clothes online then? If you are still wondering how to sell clothes online for beginners, what needs to be sold online, please refer to the article below.

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1. Identify target customers when selling clothes online

Determining the target audience is also an important factor determining the success or failure of selling clothes online. Is your target customer male or female? What age? Are you aiming for an elegant office product line or a youthful and dynamic fashion trend?

Building an online clothing business plan, identifying customers helps you localize your audience, better understand the needs of the target customer group, their fashion trends. The more detailed your audience, the easier it is to visualize, the easier it will be to map out your next plans.

2. Market survey – Online clothing business plan

Many young people do fashion business just for their hobby and because of that, they only rely on their aesthetic eyes to choose items to sell. That is also one of the very “silly” mistakes of business people in general and the fashion business in particular.

Online clothing business
Online clothing business

Where to start an online clothing business? The right way to sell online clothes, you are never allowed to skip the market survey, make an online clothing business plan to capture trends and consumer psychology. What do you need to do in this step?

First, please refer to the model, method and business status of offline and online fashion stores as well as the most popular models, genres, and styles of fashion. Then, learn more about the price, analyze where people are good, where they are not, why they exist or fail…

According to the experience of selling clothes online, the best and fastest way is to join a forum or group related to fashion and then set up a discussion topic.

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Don’t think that you are having to do a large survey that is simply a few questions like “What’s trendy to wear this summer?” or similar, the goal is achieved. Surely someone will comment and share, you just need to keep the “heat” for the discussion topic, the number of participants will increase quickly.

Besides, learning about market information and competitors will help you come up with highly effective business strategies. The questions that you ask when doing market research will be:

  • Who are your direct and potential competitors?
  • What are your competitors doing to attract and retain customers?
  • Do you have a weak point compared to your opponent?
  • What sets your brand apart from the competition?
  • On that market, what is your chance of breaking in?
  • How much market share will you gain over the competition?

Never take the planning of an online clothing business lightly. It is your guide every step of the way to make sure you stay on track.

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3. Make an impressive and easy-to-remember store name

In fact, you can run an online fashion business without a name, but that sounds ridiculous right? So if you want to be effective when selling clothes online and want to develop long-term, want to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising opportunities, you should have a “short and easy to remember” name, so that customers can remind you. to you, talk about you and trust your store.

No matter how you name it, you should remember that the Vietnamese name is the main one, and if there is English, it is just a secondary, I wish you to find a good name, satisfactory, and especially easy to remember, bringing effective business results. Good business for your store.

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4. Find the source of quality goods at good prices

No matter what your business is, a source of quality products at competitive prices is always the most important factor in shaping your success. In order to trade smoothly, you not only need to carefully prepare resources, identify the right target audience, but also need a reputable, diverse, and good source of goods. It is necessary to avoid as much as possible the cases of delay or delivery to customers that do not match the real product photos when ordering online.

Where to start an online clothing business?
How to sell clothes online effectively

The supplier must ensure the prestige of both quality and quantity. At the same time, suppliers need to have all kinds of sizes and colors to ensure the diversity of your products.

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Currently, most online shops import goods at large wholesale markets or factories that supply export or hand-carried goods. Therefore, the products of online shops up to 80% are “in touch” with each other, customers will choose products with better prices.

If your products are imported in small quantities, you will not enjoy a high discount, you will have to compete on price with big shops. In addition, you should find “unique” and “quality” products to attract customers and create “hot” for your shop.

As you search more and more, compare prices at each supplier, phone or email them in turn, negotiate the best price, (don’t be in a hurry to look at the high wholesale prices that are already gone, if you give conditions, and compare prices with other parties and then offer again, maybe you will get a better price than the original price and more incentives).

Each supplier has its own advantage, it is best to try to find reputable, guaranteed suppliers, relative input, preferential regime or flexible payment. Do not be cheap, because if you compete on price, you will find it difficult to compete, and if you are oriented to cheap, it is better not to devalue the market.

5. Building online clothing sales channels

You can start an online clothing business on available websites, classifieds sites, online sales sites such as, lamchame, webtretho,, …. With this business form, you can sell clothes online without capital, without having to worry about expenses such as renting space, hiring employees, …

  • Sell ​​clothes online on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is the most popular sales trend today. Just do it with a simple operation, you can own a separate fanpage for your shop, regularly upload photos, organize events to catch views, like sentences, etc. will attract the attention of customers. client.
  • Fashion website design: When the business is stable, in addition to selling on social networking sites, you should also consider opening your own website so as not to be controlled by anyone as well as to increase your credibility and trust. Reliability, professionalism for your shop. Here you will easily manage work Online clothing business, place orders, create payment gateways for customers. Selling clothes online on the website is also bringing a huge profit to shop owners.

How to create a website that you can use to create a website?

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6. Online clothing business needs investment in advertising

Do not think that you are doing an online business on a virtual network, where connection problems are no longer the biggest obstacle, just open a shop and customers will come by themselves. Whether selling online or offline, advertising still plays an important role, especially when you are just starting your business. Advertising helps your brand and products reach more people, capturing the interest of more people.

Currently, there are many ways to sell clothes online to advertise online. You can use Google’s available tools such as Adwords, run Facebook ads, place banners on other websites or use video marketing.

These advertising methods can all bring you a certain number of customers if you know how to use them well. But remember that advertising also only plays a logistics role, the important thing is still how to sell and your product is enough to attract customers or not.

7. Customer care when selling clothes online

In the sales process, the consultant is extremely important, you need to advise enthusiastically and carefully, care about their interests more than introduce all your products so that they can choose with peace of mind. and comfortable after purchase.

After the sale, you also need to have special customer care policies for old and loyal customers such as loyalty cards, discount cards, holiday programs for them. They will come back to buy more products from you, even bring relatives and friends to buy more if they feel satisfied.

Taking care of customers when selling clothes online
Taking care of customers is an effective way to attract customers

The above are proven experiences and you can follow if you want to sell clothes online effectively in today’s fierce market. Thousands of people have successfully applied these shares to develop their work.

Besides, designing a sales website is one of the ways to help you do online clothing business, online fashion business to achieve sustainable efficiency and create a competitive advantage over competitors.

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